Workshop Reference:

This page is list of presenter as Deaf person who provide the workshop or presentation related to Black Deaf Center.
You may contact them if you would like to.

(Please note that they are not free service.)

Dr. Joseph Hill

"Navigating the Academy as a Black Deaf person"

Dr. Laurene Simms

"3R: Revisit, Rethink, Re-educate"

Victoria Monroe

"Equity, diversity, and inclusion in Deaf Education."

Richard McCowin

"Black Nonprofit Leadership and Management in the Age of Social Media"

Claudia Gordon, Esq.

"Black and Deaf in America: Strategizing the Future"

Daisy Rivenbark

"Coming Soon..."

Vyron Kinson

"Ethnic & Cultural Diversity within Deaf Community"

Niesha Washington-

"Deaf Interpreter Training"

Hunta Williams

"Black Deaf Community"

Dr. Glenn B. Anderson

"Passing the Torch: Conversations with Our Black Deaf Elders"

Jade Bryan

"Jade Films Acting Workshop"

Michelle A. Banks

"Actor's Workshop"

Andrea Sonnier Babin

"12-week online professional and personal development community"

Pinky Collie & Toyin Fasakin

"Financial including benefits, insurance policies, 401k, 403b, etc.."

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