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America Racism
Deaf Karen...
Datrell Scott

Deaf Karen...

*transcript* black dude with afro in gray shirt and white woman with pink shirt C: I don't care if yall hate me, I have been thinking whether I should join ALM or BLM, I think I should join ALM! D: you are saying ALM and BLM are just like football teams? Ah interesting C: BLM stands for Black Liar Matters! All of this is a lie! D: So you are saying that black people, media, and police officers agreed to fake the shooting and death while media exposuring it to the public in order to make people angry? Interesting philosophy... C: *shakes head in disbelief* D: *copies* C: Why would you want to destroy your heritage??? D: how are we destroying our heritage? over 400 years, we have finally stand up for something, yet you said we are destroying our heritage??? C: Black people are destroying Abraham Lincoln, he is against slavery, yet y'all are trying to destroy him! D: hold up, how is Abraham Lincoln is involved? I don't see any one of us trying to destroy his statue in DC? C: *signs Riverside* D: that's not how you say Republican, you are making Riverside looks bad C: *facial expression* D: *copies* C: even worse MLK! yall are destroying him too! D: Where??? where do you see us destroying MLK statue? evidence, evidence, evidence! C: yall are getting worse worse worse worse! D: your IQ is getting worse worse worse C: MLK worked so hard preaching yall! D: MLK preached black people AND white people, honestly your IQ is getting worse worse worse C: BLM stands for bullshit! BLM stands for Black Liars Matter! D: *sarcasm* ya ya you right you right you right C: and yall white people who support black people SMH *rests head* D: So you saying you're angry about white people supporting BLM? really? *head rests* C: education is a big issue!!!!! D: I agree with you! People like you need a fucking education!!!! C: SMH shame on you!!! D: SMH shame on you! C: you are really expert expert expert D: expert expert at making vlog like this and spread all over the nation C: yall are so CHAMP! have fun and you're welcome!...

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This page is focus on many different vlogs based on their true story, opinion, discrimination and narrative as Black Deaf person.

For Black Deaf person only, if you wish you to submit your vlog here? Please send an email and link to your vlog.

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