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Community Reference:

This is the link to referring any Black Deaf organizations, business, support group and services only.

Bosino Coffee

Founded by Martina Bell

Bosino Coffee Website
  • Bosino Coffee Website
  • Bosino Coffee Instagram
  • Bosino Coffee Facebook

Mimi's Sweet Boutique

Founded by Melisha "Mimi" Battle

Mimi’s Sweet Boutique Website
  • Mimi’s Sweet Boutique Website
  • Mimi’s Sweet Boutique Instagram
  • Mimi’s Sweet Boutique Facebook
  • Mimi’s Sweet Boutique Twitter

CherryRose Fruits Creations

Founded by Shadane Wilks

Cherry Rose Fruits & Creations
  • Cherry Rose Fruits & Creations Instagram
  • Cherry Rose Fruits & Creations Facebook

Zetta Marie's Patisserie

Founded by Zetta Marie

Zetta Marie’s Patisserie
  • Zetta Marie’s Patisserie Website
  • Zetta Marie’s Patisserie Instagram
  • Zetta Marie’s Patisserie Facebook

The Deaf Flower

Founded by  Desjunae Ross

The Deaf Flower Bloom from within: syrups, laundry soaps, salves etc
  • The Deaf Flower Instagram
  • The Deaf Flower Facebook


Founded by Marcus Bryant

Chef Marcus’s Kitchen Tacolicious
  • Tacolicious Website
  • Tacolicious Facebook


Founded by Markea

  • Keasweetlious Website
  • Keasweetlious Instagram

Kiki's Pie

Founded by DaCheish Barley

Kiki’s Pie
  • Kiki’s Pie Facebook
  • Kiki’s Pie Instagram
  • Kiki’s Pie Twitter
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